Welcome to the Missing Person Center and we hope you find this site a valuable resource for helping keep your missing person case in the media and to keep search efforts alive.  The missing2005hsite is a global portal for the reporting, tracking, receiving tips and profiling missing people.  As of now, the site is dedicated only to missing person cases in the United States, but we are working on expanding our database to international cases as well.

From this site, visitors will be able to review very detailed information on missing people to be on the lookout for.  Family members and law enforcement will find this site useful in sharing with details about
missing family members and open cases filed with local police and the FBI.

The Missing Person Center is useful tool that allows members to;

  • Profile Missing People
  • Interact with other people in need of assistance
  • Print Posters of missing people
  • Post videos on missing person cases
  • Participate in polls to help us learn more about what needs to be changed to reduce the occurance of people missing
  • Our members will also have the ability to have us issue press releases on a regular basis to keep their case in the media's spotlight.

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We are not a non-profit organization and there are fees associated with some of the services listed above.

Check back soon for an official launching of our site.




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